Open Horse Show 2019 - Show Bill and Rules

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2019 Horse Show Rules

1. No entries will be accepted after the start of the first class.
2. Negative Coggins Test required. NO EXCEPTIONS.
3. Horses must be properly groomed, sound and have a healthy body condition.
4. No stallions.
5. You must enter the division of your age bracket only.
6. Age of exhibitor computed as of January 1, 2019.
7. Class order will run as scheduled.
8. No one is allowed in the arena except exhibitors, judge and ring steward.
9. Do not block the entry gate for any reason.
10. There is NO coaching from outside the arena allowed.
11. If there are 2 or less entries in a halter division, that division will not show for Grand or Reserve Champion.
12. All decisions made by the judge and/or superintendent are final.
13. Horses deemed unsafe or out of control will be asked to leave the arena and will be scratched.
14. All patterns to be posted the day of the show by the judge.
15. Exhibitors are not required to own the horse they are showing.
16. An exhibitor may only show one animal per class.
17. High Point is based on ONE horse & rider combination.
18. Exhibitors and Owners must be residents of Seminole County.
19. High point winners will not be eligible to compete in the Bonus Class.
20. ALL breeds are welcome (including mules).
21. This is a fun, family show. Sportsmanship counts.