Jr. Livestock Show Schedule

Jr Livestock Show Schedule

September 11th & 12th, 2020

New Fair Barn at 12827 NS 3650 Wewoka, OK 74884.

This year’s Seminole County Fair is going to be a Jr livestock show only on Sept 11th & 12th. It will be held at the new arena behind the OSU Extension office in Wewoka.

Social distancing and all CDC guidelines for COVID-19 are recommended, including masks.
If you are uncomfortable with the virus, or are at a higher risk, we recommend you stay home and be safe. Everyone who decides to attend understands the risks and is doing so of their own free will and accepts the risks associated with attending a community gathering or event.
Kids with chickens will come on Friday evening and the other species will all be show and go from your trailers on Saturday. There will be water but there is a good chance there may not be a wash rack so bring them clean from home.
We will have different check in times for the exhibitors as you can see in the attachment.
There will be no concession stand so be sure to pack an ice chest with plenty of water.
Rules will be what was used last year. Show order will be what is listed in the attachment, breeding followed by market.
County bred steer weigh in will take place during the cattle check in time designated on September 12th. You can show in the fair or you can just weigh in and take your calf back home, either is acceptable. Please have all animals broke to lead as there is no fence around the facility and there is a high likelihood the scales could be located outside.